what is search engine optimization?

If you are digital marketing expert and some buddy asking what is search engine optimization ?
In simple words optimize your website and build it user friendly. Using the different methods to increasing the number and quality customers to the website.It will automatically improves the ranking of website in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).
SEO is the processes of optimizing the website to get organic search or un-paid traffic from the search engines Google (yahoo and bing).

Organic Search Engine Result Pages 

We are searching the keyword Dha Syllabus in google will get the following organic result page .

what is search engine optimization ?

Website on the first page will get the almost 95% of Clicks.

What is search engine optimization Benefits

SEO Free of Cost

SEO is cost effective ,no need to spent money for the advertisement .Using the quality content and keyword will get the quality traffic and show the website in the top of the first page .

SEO pointing the quality traffic 

When we searching the common keyword ,People will click the organic results website compared to the PPC .This will increase the quality of the website and will increase the rank

SEO traffic will convert easily 

SEO traffic have been convertible compared to other source of advertisement (PPC,Facebook Ads etc). For SEO there is no easy way to achieve top position .So customers knows the quality product and services and they will buy it.

Sustainable SEO Ranking   

SEO ranking will not disappear overnight .It will shows the 24/7 while you are sleeping . Once you rank high in the search engines they will increase your business .

SEO Using the Small and Large Industry 

SEO is Common for all people .They are using the own techniques for the highest position . Quality and content and links will help to achieve the website traffic .Who will doing the more work they will get the result . WordPress website platform will better for the small industry

SEO is Measurable 

SEO is Measurable What is search engine optimization Benefits

We can measure the SEO traffic , Most searching keyword, Most Searching region, Gender and Age. Also we can measure the source ,channel and medium. Google analytics is the common tool using for the measuring purpose .

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