SEO Short Description

What is SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of adding some optimizing techniques to the website .This will help the website become user friendly and will come to the higher position in google search.

Advantages SEO

    1. Improving the quality of the website to increase the traffic
    2. Increase the goal of the website
    3. Collect the information about how many visitors are searching websites
Two ways of optimization

On page SEO:

This is the first steps for the optimization techniques .Basically we are adding the suitable keyword ,Good content, meta description, tags and SEO titles on every pages of the websites.

Off-page SEO:

This second step process to increase the traffic ,by link bulding, Image sharing, blog posting, Document sharing, Email marketing, Facebook, google plus ,pinterst sharing, Getting high quality links from the popular sites and article submission .

What are the SEO Techniques available

White hat SEO:

This is the method is acceptable by search engine guidelines is known as white hat .

following features:

    1.It will confirm the search engine guide lines
    2.Make the good quality web pages
    3.The web page content should be useful for the users .
    4.Be honest and definitely get the searching content

Black hat SEO:This method is not acceptable by the search engine guide lines is known as black hat.

    1. It will not confirm the search engine guide lines
    2. The content quality will be poor
    3. The content are full stuffing with the keyword
    4. Mirror website by hosting multiple websites.

The main parts of Search Engine Optimization

What is keyword ?

A keyword is particular term that is used to match with the term a person enters in to a search engine to find an information . In all cases the the user entering query having two or four words. Great role in SEO for the selection of the keywords.

Selection keywords

Keywords must be rich it will contain the exact ideas about the website content. When the user type the query on search engine that will trigger our keyword and catch our website. The keyword will make or break our website so very careful on selection .

Keyword selection tool


Use this tool we can find the good search volume keyword .Login the keyword planner click on Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category type the our keyword and find the search volume.

Where to place keywords

Keyword placement having great role .

Seo Titles

Title tag adding the head section for the HTML. for the wordpress we are adding title tag using yoast plugins. The title tag tell the name of the page ,it will displayed on the title bar of your browser window . When we book mark the one web page it will save with the title name.

Conditions of adding SEO tiles
    1.Titles shouldn’t consists of more than 9 words or 60 characters.
    2.Keyword should be given at the starting .
    3.Every page having unique SEO tiles.
    4.Do not repeat your keyword more than 2 times.

SEO Short Description -Key word


Metatags will boost your website, it will provide the short description about the web page content .

Basically two types of meta tags

1.Meta description tags(should not exceed more than 150 characters)
2.Meta keyword tags (more than 40 words)

Meta description

Following features
1. Use the keyword for the meta description.
2. Do not repeat the keyword more than two times.
3. Meta description should not exceed more than 150 characters.
4.Use the different meta description for each page.

Meta keyword tags

Word strength for the meta tag not more than 40 words.

SEO content writing

Use the unique and high quality content .Now a days the competition are very high so the SEO will check the spelling and grammar.

Following features

    1.Content should be unique
    2.Content should be target to the need of user
    3.key word density as per as search engine guide line
    4.Keep the web page short
    5.content should be readable and meanigfull.
    6.Divide the web page in to short paragraphs

SEO Short Description

Here i given the short description about the keyword,SEO title ,Metatag and description

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