Difference Between Blogs and Websites

Every one racing one doubt “Difference Between Blogs and Websites”. Here i will give some clarity about this case


Difference Between Blogs and Websites
Sl No Website Blog
1 Static Content Dynamic content (update regularly)
2 Looking formal or professional Not formal
3 Not Interactive .contacts form only one way Interactive any one comment at any time
4 Testimonials Informative and Educational
5 Contents are about the product and service Information about the new thoughts and customer issues
6 Company and business firm having website Some company and business having blog
7 Website maintenance are very difficult Easy to maintain Blogs upadtion and any one can do
8 Not Live Blogs are live
9 Website not that much popular More popular will understand common people
10 Restricted content No limits for content (sports"-"film"-"Fashion and new trend" )
11 Content are stable Unstable most recent post will come first
12 Search engine can crawled one time Frequently crawled by search engine
13 Difficult to build Easy to build

What is Website ?

Website is fully functional and beautiful designs. If you have company then we will prefer the website . Actually the blogs are supporting the website. We need one medium to present the website on internet generally we are using HTML/CSS or JVA/Javascript,Wordpress/Drupal?Php etc.

Website home page content form the several sections from the inside pages. The content of the website are static it will not update regular. The main navigation link will come on website home page. The contact form and testimonials will present it.

Basically the website is also known as static website because its content not updating regularly . For if we taking one company website its information like history, mission ,vision ,contact information, working hours are static it can’t change . Compared to the blog website handling is very difficult .

What is Blog ?


Blog is part of website and its content updated regularly so its dynamic .Its also called online journal. The content for blog anything under the sky .The content Informatic and educational .Blog are encouraged people to communicate with each other much more than website.

Business point blogs are very helpful for getting the new client . They are updating new products and services they will easily catch by the user and get the link to the main website . Blog is the backbone of SEO ,its very helpful for the link buildings .website blogs are a provide the image gallery ,video and chat support also.

For the informatics topics generally we are using the blogs . Any one can create the website blog for sharing there thoughts and ideas . Blogs also provide the good relation with viewers . There is an option for commenting post or pages its will get the email address also for future communication .When the comments are approved its live on the corresponding post is very helpful for the other viewers.

Email subscriptions is the another feature for promoting the website .One who subscribe the website blog will get the recent post via mail at the upadation. This will attract the viewers to the blog and also website.

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