15 On-Page and Off-Page SEO Techniques

Seo is the process optimizing  the website to increase the search traffic and quality customers. When we are creating new website ,it will not shown in google and other search engines . Using the the Seo term website not be indexed .For the indexing your website ,we need to do some adjustments in the website and also in off the website . 15 On-Page and Off-Page SEO Techniques

15 On-Page and Off-Page SEO Techniques
15 On-Page and Off-Page SEO Techniques

What is On – page SEO

On page seo involves the optimise the each and every parts of the website to achieve the top ranking in the SERP . More on page will do ,website traffic will increase more and shown in the first ten of the google page ranking .

15 On-Page and Off-Page SEO Techniques

  1. Meta Title
  2. Meat description
  3. Quality content
  4. Subheading
  5. Quality Images and alt tag
  6. Url optimisation
  7. Internal links
  8. External links
  9. Page loading speed
  10. Mobile friendliness
  11. Page layout
  12. Permalinks and tags

Meta Title

Meta title is the title of the web page ,it will tells to the search engine what type of page it is .Includes the focus keyword in the meta titles ,and its should be 70 character or less . Meat title also be meaningful and not stopping words. The meta tag placed in between the header tag (<head></head> ). Below the example of the meta title

Meat Description

Its short description about the web page ,it will includes the tile and focus keywords . Meta title should be the meaningful sentence and 150 characters long.Meat description is unique for each pages.When people searching for a particular topic they will read the description in the SERP page .Then they will take the decision  for moving forward or not .Also remember the description not to be keyword stuffed . See the example below

Quality content

Quality content is the important factor in the SEO ranking .We create the powerful meta title, descriptions and all things without content its should be useless . Before creating the content we should be the knowledge about what was the topic . Example our meta title is  Major Components  of SEO ,so we need create the content related to seo

Unique content we need to write ,we can’t copy the content from other website .Its make the copyright issue and also difficult rank our website . So the content should be unique .

Keyword rich content will definitely improves the seo ranking .keyword density allowed up to 1 % of the total content, means 1000 words contents we can include 10 keywords

LSI Keyword also includes in the content . LSI keyword means, word that related to the main keyword .

Google Suggest keywords includes in the content will help the seo ranking .

Write Conversationally In 2019 most of the website content are like simple wording and conversational format .


Subheading having the great role in the on page seo . In HTML tag collection we are having the different heading tags H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6).Those heading tags are having the different priority .

Add focus keyword in the header tag its give the high priority for the main keyword in the content

Long tail keyword in the heading tags will definitely helps the google assists .In modern life people are more using the google talk i the search engine .

Quality images and alt tag

Use the quality and own images for the websites ,unique images will removes the confusion for the search engine.
If we are using the others images mention the  source and reference .
Optimise the size and shape of the images ,that’s will increase the quality of the website content

Proper naming the images will understand the users and search engine “what is image about “

URL Optimisation

Website url having the great role in the on page seo . Need to create meaningful url term each words separated by the hyphens  ‘-‘. Good url should be less than 255 character long. Seo friendly url includes the focus keyword .Make the category and breadcrumbs are to optimise the  url structure .

For Example

This is Correct format


This wrong Url format

http://www.freewebsitehints.com/page 15

Internal links

Linking with in the website is the internal links .When google boat come to the website ,they crawl  the the internal link .They will go in to the other page also .This will increase time duration on the website .Also reduce the bounce rate . Its will increase the publicity of important pages .

Internal links will increase the page section and page ranking .

External linking

Its will increases the truthfulness of the website .If we reading the topic some of the word we need more understand ,then we will pointing to wiki,google .Helpful for the users and also increase the website credibility. Penguin algorithm support the quality links .

Page loading speed

Website speed is an important role in on page seo .When the loading time is less the website traffic will increase . There so many factors will depends on the website loading time .

  • Server speed
  • Images and script
  • Browser cache

Find the website page speed 

Mobile friendliness

In modern life almost 65 % of the users are using their mobile. So mobile friendly site having the great role in the on page seo .If the website not mobile responsive we will lose the half of the customers .Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technologies are using for this purpose .

Page layout

Website structure should be perfect for the customers .Means look and feel of the website. The main things depends on the page layout are  color,navigation,sidebar breadcrumbs,footer and widgets .

Permalinks and tags

Permalinks nothing but the url strachur of the  website ,its should be meaningful and keyword rich.And tags are apart of the website topics for  example our website page about the seo and digital marketing .So we include tags like SEO,SMO,SME and Digital Marketing .

What is Off-page SEO

The techniques that can be used to improves the website traffic without doing any changes inside the website is called off page seo. In off page seo we are following different methods

      13 Backlinks creation
      14 social meadia
      15 social bookmarking

Backlinks creation

Main backlink creation techniques is blogging.Blogging is nothing but  creating website similar to our main website .Then we are writing the content of the new product or services. After creating the blog posts linking to the main website .  This will automatically increase the traffic and get good ranking .

High DA profile creation also increase the domain authority (DA) of the website .This will increase the credibility of the website .

Directory Creations website will also used to increase the backlinks to the  main site

Slideshare Create the slides abouts the our services or new product and linking to the main website .Share these slides in the slideshare.net (https://www.slideshare.net/login ) or other services .

Forum Submission write the 300 words about the  product or services and link back to our main website .

Social media

The main social media site are Facebook ,Twitter, Pinterest,Linkedin and Instagram. Create the  regular posting on these sites will increase the traffic .Pinterest and instagram are the famous image bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking

The regular social bookmarking having the great role in the off page seo. In modern web sites like reddit.com, stumbleupon.com, scoop.it and delicious.com to promote your content.


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